Uplift Revealed™ Bust

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Verdens første-på-marked plumping og løftende techstile™ infusions maske, med en innovativ tilgang til at løfte busten.  

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These luxurious, dry-printed techstile™ infusers are formulated with a unique blend of 90% plumping & lifting active ingredients targeted to the bust area. The results provide a lifting effect by recovering bounce, volume, firmness and suppleness making the bust appear fuller after only one week of use.

The formulation is “dry-printed” on a unique techstile™, a soft and luxurious fabric, that makes the experience light, intimate and beautiful. Active ingredients are delivered through a biomimetic micro-vectorized ingredient delivery system known as BMV™ which allows for the micro penetration of active ingredients through multiple layers of the epidermis thus helping to achieve more pronounced skincare results in a condensed amount of time.

94% natural - dermatologically tested - paraben free

Awards & Recognition
As seen on allure.com, shape.com and VOGUE.com

Application ritual
This is a 4 week treatment to be used as follows: Use 1 set of infusers for 2 consecutive days and discard.

Repeat application for 6 days (using the full contents of the first sachet) during the first week of treatment.

For the second, third, and fourth weeks of treatment, use 1 set of infusers for 2 consecutive days and discard.

Repeat application for weeks 3 and 4.

Application Guide
Smoothly align the adhesive side of the infuser inside the bra cup, leaving the nipple area uncovered.

With your undergarment in place, gently shape the infuser to fit your cup size and press into place.

Wear for 60 minutes and discard after the second day of use.

For optimal results, the infusers should be worn for a minimum of one hour daily, for 6 consecutive days followed by use twice a week (2 days in a row) for 3 consecutive weeks to maintain results.

Clinical results pertaining to volume enhancement:

Significant improvement in volume recovery by up to 36%. Over 30% of participants observed a breast volume increase equivalent to a full cup size.

Clinical results pertaining to skin elasticity and bounce:

Improvement by 14% of skin elasticity and bounce after 6-day intensive treatment.

Clinical results pertaining to the lifting effect:

Results demonstate a lifting effect on the bust of up to 1.1 cm upon completion of the treatment.